Article Submissions:

We welcome anyone to submit articles to this newspaper. We aim to allow all voices to be heard without imposing any political, ideological, or religious bias or restrictions.

a) We regularly publish articles that are entertaining, and/or educational, and of general interest to our community, such as articles about local events, local issues, area history, community service organizations, public safety, local government meetings, recipes, gardening, sustainability tips, local artists or writers and their works, local businesses, exceptional students, and interesting residents.

Notices of missing pets and obituaries are printed free of charge.

We’re always looking for good jokes, “Country Wisdom”, and riddles too!

b) If your piece is an editorial, we prefer articles to be 200 – 500 words. The shorter the article the more likely we can use it. Longer articles may need to be edited for length.

c) This is a family-friendly, positive, constructive publication — so we NEVER print articles (or ads) that are, or promote or celebrate things, ideas or causes that are: objectionable, false, hateful, intolerant, racist, bigoted, inflammatory, malicious, abusive, nasty, petty, spiteful, vengeful, grotesque, libelous, lawless, divisive; contain rumors, are overly political or partisan, contrary to good health, violent against people or animals, endorse or oppose any political candidate, or attempt to influence any legislation or political causes.

d) We do not print complaints or articles that make allegations against an individual or business or deal in any way with slights, offenses taken, conflicts, contracts, litigation, or law enforcement issues.

e) We may withhold an author’s name on an article on request, however, we require all articles to be submitted with the name of the author and contact information.

f) Our non-profit organization promotes local businesses as per Article One, Section Two of our Bylaws. We especially like covering the opening/re-opening of new businesses in the area. If you operate such a business, please feel free to contact us. We make best efforts to, but do not guarantee, to run an article which includes information on that business. These articles are not an advertisements, so the information provided must offer information of interest to readers.

g) Pictures must be submitted via email to as JPG files. Images will be cropped, adjusted, and edited for newspaper print. Please note that there are times when images may not come out in sharp resolution due to the print process and newspaper used in printing.

h) When you submit anything to the Courier, including letters to the editor, photographs, art, or text, you are granting the Catron Courier unrestricted permission to print it in the newspaper, collections, books and electronically media without any limitations or time limits. Please note, we do not pay for articles, opinion pieces, or other contributions sent to the Catron Courier.

i) The Catron Courier is distributed nationwide through our subscription program and through our partner PressReader receives global distribution. Each issue states that the authors of the materials we publish retain ownership and copyright of their works. Your works may appear, fully attributed, in reprints of our articles.

j) Please submit articles as .TXT or .DOC or DOCX files. While some PDF files can be used, image PDFs cannot. Any physical item sent to us are ever returned to the sender, and we make no guarantee if these can be scanned and/or used in the Catron Courier.

k) When you submit any material you are representing that you own the copyright or have written permission from the copyright holder to submit it to the Catron Courier. Further, by submitting such materials, you indemnify the Catron Courier and Cielito Lindo Ranch and their officers, agents, and employees and volunteers against liability, including costs, for infringement of any copyright.

l) The Catron Courier has no political, religious, or ideological bias. Submissions from community members will be printed as long as they adhere to all of our guidelines, and are deemed to be of interest to readers and present timely information, or information that promotes a sustainable, local economy and sustainable health and wellbeing.

Submit material only if you’ve read, understand, and agree to these terms.