The Catron Courier is produced in Catron County, NM, and is distributed across Catron County, as well as to cities in New Mexico including: Gallup, Silver City, Truth or Consequences, Socorro, Magdalena, San Antonio, and to Arizona cities of Alpine, Eager and Springerville.

In addition the paper is mailed to subscribers across the United States, and is available online through Press Reader, which offers current and back issues world-wide for Kindle, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac at

When you advertise in the Catron Courier you’re doing more than promoting your business, event or service — you’re supporting a non-profit, community-run newspaper.

Our paper is  produced, printed and distributed 100% by your advertising dollars.

Advertising Policies:


a) Management reserves the right to reject advertising for any reason at any time at our sole discretion. Please note that item e) and f) from the Article Submission section below apply to advertisements also.

b) Advertising accuracy is ONLY guaranteed when ad requests are complete, clear and concise, are typed or emailed, presented in the correct height/width ratio, and sent to the correct mail/email address, proofs are specifically requested, all materials are received by the 15th, and approved via email before the 20th. The guarantee is limited to the price paid for the single ad or a correction in the next issue.

c) Unless an advertiser pays for premium ad placement, they shall have no control over where their ad will appear in the paper. Ask for our current premium placement pricing.

d) We have a strict limit to how many color ads we can print in each issue. Color ads are available on a first-come first-served basis. Please consider a contract to assure that your ad can run in color each month.

e) We publish a newspaper which uses a printing process that is not as accurate at those used to produce magazines, posters or photographs. There are limits to how small text can be, how much dark color can be used in an ad, how crisp or clear photos will print, and color reproduction is approximate, not perfect. The simpler the ad, and the larger it is, the more likely it will reproduce well. If you have questions about how your ad will reproduce, please ask us well in advance.

f) Ads cancelled by the customer after the closing date (the 20th of the month) must pay a 50% cancellation fee.

g) Sometimes ads are omitted due to space restrictions.  Omitted ads will be run in the next issue. We do our best not to omit event/date driven ads.

h) Legal notices that require an affidavit, notarization, and/or a mailed proof of publication require an additional fee of $25 to cover the costs of providing these services. Please allow 10 business days for this process.

i) 2020 Ad rates are:
B&W Ads Color Ads
1/8 page $40 $50
1/4 page $60 $80
1/2 page $75 $110
Full page $125 $200
The above rates are with prompt payment by the 10th of the month the ad appears. A 25% increase applies to payment after that date. Ads must be booked by the 20th of the month prior to publication.

j) If payment is not received within 30 days of the due date according to your invoice, a 3% fee will be added to the due amount each month until the full payment is received. Returned checks result in a $50 fee. Terms are subject to change.

k) You must hold copyright, or have written permission from the copyright holder for any and all text, photos or artwork in your ad.

l) Contract customers may request monthly proofs. The fee is $10 per month for this additional service. The first proof of a contract is free.

m) If your ad features address, phone number, or business hours, or a time based coupon, it is incumbent on you to notify us of this information is correct. We’re happy to make minor changes to your ad each month at no charge.

n) Please submit ads that conform to the appropriate ad size and ratio that you’re ordering. If an submitted ad is in the wrong ratio we might be unable to run it, we may be able to truncate it to fit, but we don’t have the resources to rebuild ads at no charge. If you need information on ad sizes, ratios, and the number of words that can appear in an ad and still be legible. Please contact us for ad specifications.

o) If this newspaper ceases to operate for any reason, no refunds will be provided — any ads you’ve paid for but haven’t been printed, or any remaining credit on your contract will be considered a donation. If this occurs, you may ask for a tax-deductible receipt for your records.

Submit advertisements only if you’ve read, understand, and agree to these terms.